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Empowering Members by Creating Opportunities for Stronger Engagement, Collaboration, and Communication.  Harnessing the power of our members is the key to our future and to our ability to provide leadership that advances our mission. We can achieve these goals by increasing the flow of information and strategic engagement among our membership – empowering all of us to do more.

Harness Diversity; Act as One.  We must use our strength, diversity and the power of design to address the breadth of possibilities and challenges facing our profession and our communities. We are AIA. It takes all of us working together on all levels to be successful.


Be a Citizen Architect. I have considered myself a Citizen Architect, even before being elected Mayor of my small hometown in Mississippi. These 23 years of civic leadership have taught me about economy, diversity, equity and the tangible power of design – making me a better leader and a better architect. 


Environmental Stewardship. We have a very strong role as stewards of the environment. As architects, we have the power and the responsibility to help communities meet these challenges and to restore their built environment and celebrate their embodied energy through equitable design.


Help every member get the support and engagement they need. Every member benefits from access to the vast amount of high-quality and relevant work being done within the American Institute of Architects on all levels. Through our connections, we can create a more engaged Institute – one that helps us better connect with each other, with our clients and communities, and supports us with the information we need.


Let’s make this happen!

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A'19 Conference Session

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